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ERP Selection & Partner Selection can be a difficult task

Independent Evaluation Services from Filix


ERP Selection

No matter how much standard'ization an ERP may offer, your business is unique so many ways & the way you visualize your business. With so many "best of breed" applications available in the market, you need a partner to help you navigate this complex maze and help in a unbiased decision.


ERP Partner Selection

You may select the best wood, but its the carpenter that can make or break your aspirations of the results you wish to achieve. Similarly, there are many ERP partners out there & you need a partner to help select the right one for your needs.


Project Mgmt. Services

The rate at which you will gain expereince on the do's and don'ts in a ERP deployment is far greater than the project timeline. Controlling the project from day 1 is essential for its success and you need a partner with expereince who can keep you on track and savegaurd against the risks

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