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Our Portal "ERP TANGO"


Product under the Umbrella

  • Graphical Reporting Tool “Birbal”
  • Master Management
  • Supplier Portal
  • Service Helpdesk
  • Dealer Management System
  • Expense Management System
  • Work Tracker Application


- Key Strenghts

The “ERP Tango” Application picks data ONLINE or OFFLINE from the ERP database providing following benefits:

  1. Real Time Inventory visibility to Depots & Dealers

  2. Any Price Changes / Tax Changes are reflected immediately to the Depots & Dealers allowing faster go-to market and compliances

  3. Any other master changes such as new customer, item code etc are available for use immediately rather that waiting for the “next refresh” cycle

  4. Data security information such as Operating Unit access, Item/ Product access. Approval Chains etc is not required to be maintained duplicate in the portal

  5. Provides IP based security setup for the pages allowing control on what can be opened outside the network

  6. Reporting Parameters and their list data that are already created in the ERP application are not required to be maintained in duplicate.

  7. Report Logic that have already been defined / tested / in-use, in the ERP application, are not required to be re-coded in the portal. It offers the choice of running the same “rdf” source code file from outside the ERP application, or same SQL / Pl/SQL statements can be just copy-paste on the portal. Therefore each bug rectification in ERP does not need to be rectified in the Portal as well

  8. Reports can also be designed directly on the portal without programming skills. Just map the columns to the report; provide grouping; totaling etc and you are ready to go

  9. Various Report Outputs can be viewed in HTML, PDF, Excel or with a combination of graphical summary

  10. Allows attachments (as link or scan) during transaction entry, providing DMS like functionalities

  11. Since the ERP servers are already high on investment for Database processing power, you don’t need to invest in another high-end server for the “ERP Tango” application server

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