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Mar-2016: Welcome to Oracle Cloud World Mumbai

Source : Filix Press

Filix is the proud Silver Sponsor of the Oracle Cloud World Mumbai on 07-Apr-2016. Register yourself at this link:

Mar-2016: CII Filix Showcase SMB IT solutions

Source : Filix Press

When it comes to Small & Medium Businesses, no one can cover automation within desired costs as Filix. Join us in Gurgaon with month at a CII Sponsored event where we showcase the best of breed solutions for the SMB sector. Write to us at or tweet your details to @ConnectFilix

Mar-2016: Empower Modern Human capital and Talent Management in the Cloud

Source : Filix Press

Empower Modern Human capital and Talent Management in the Cloud. Meet us at the Trident Gurgaon this month. Write to us at or tweet your details to @ConnectFilix

08-Jan-2016: 10th Foundation Day celebrations

Source : Filix Press

Celebrating the 10th Birthday of Filix. Filix would be conducting a Foundation Day ceremony to honor the people who have made Filix a market success. We thank all customers, partners, friends, colleagues for their continuous support.

Nov-2011: Top Real Estate Player opts Filix

Source : Filix Press

Announcing the largest win for Filix in the Engineering & Real-Estate Vertical. Filix is probably now the largest Oracle solution provider in India for customers in the E&C and Real-Estate.

01-Jul-2011: Filix implements Siebel CRM On-Demand for Customer Services

Source : Filix Press

Filix joined leading Global IT Organizations in implementing a standards based customer relationship window on Siebel. This along with a host of projects are being implemented at Filix to achieve a CMM and ISO status by this year-end for its entire business processes.

21-Oct-2010: Filix has been recognised as an “Application Growth Partner FY-10” from Oracle

Source : Filix Press

Filix, Platinum level OPN partner, has been awarded “Application Growth Partner FY-10” in Goa for its expertise and experience in Oracle applications.

Sep-Oct, 2010: Series of events with the theme "Proven solution on a world class platform for your specific business need"

Source : Filix Press

Filix  organized series of events with the partnership of Oracle & IBM India in Gurgaon, Ludhiana & Jaipur  on the theme "Accelerate your business with Oracle & IBM solutions".

Filix addressed various business needs with Oracle software solution & IBM hardware/Middleware product, developed in accordance with industry-leading norms that gives companies the power-packed performance."

12-Aug-2010: Filix shows its strength in Real-Estate industry with live customer story, Chandigarh, India

Source : Filix Press

Filix organized an event at TAJ Chandigarh, India in collaboration with Oracle for the Midsize enterprises on "Oracle Accelerate-The right solution for midsize business in India".

A panel of experts discussed key issues like:

  • How do I ensure the solution meets my industry needs?

  • Fast implementation is Okay but will my staff know how to use the new applications?

  • How do I ensure reliable, accurate reports?

  • Can information be analyzed in real time?

27-Oct-2009: Filix becomes Certified on Oracle Business Accelerators

Source : Filix Press

Filix recently concluded participation in a one-day Oracle & HP event at the Majestic Park Plaza, Ferozepur Road, Ludhiana India. At this seminar customers were explained:

  • Why having a long-term plan to simplify and standardise your IT platform and application portfolio increases your competitiveness and ability to rapidly adapt to changing market conditions.

  • Which smart, high-impact IT investments industry leaders are making today to gain immediate revenue and cost-saving benefits?

  • How to get timely and accurate business insight to make better business decisions and meet - if not anticipate - customer demands.

  • How Oracle & HP have teamed up with their business partners to deliver Indias most complete and affordable software applications, hardware and services soultion promotion offer

23-April-2009: Filix conducts Executive Conference on “Oracle Accelerate for fast Growing companies’’ at Indore, India

Source : Filix Press

In association with Oracle and HP, Filix conducted an exclusive event for customers in Indore, India on “Oracle Accelerate for fast Growing companies’’. The event was conducted at the well known Hotel Sayaji and drawed suitable audiences.

The event covered the following agenda:

  • Applications Unlimited – The Oracle Story

  • Midsized Business  – Why Technology is more important than ever and ways to implement technology

  • HP Server Technology – Experts from HP on right servers to host Oracle Applications

The evening concluded with dinner and cocktails.

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