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"Our mission is to become respected business leader in IT Consulting, Outsourcing & related services, by providing premium quality of services  to our customers, through combination of best of industry specific solutions, consulting manpower and our sincere efforts, towards creating a healthy environment for all our stakeholders."

Filix Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was established on 7th January 2007 when 3 professionals from the IT industry moved out of their mundane careers to start a IT venture that could deliver while keeping the fundamentals right unlike the "big names".  They were supported by many senior and experienced professionals who joined them in their endeavour to make a statement on what customer satisfaction was all about.

Based out of New Delhi, India, Filix started by first making its presence felt by coverting bad reference customers into referencable sites. After having a significant customer base in its first year of operation, Filix enrolled itself into the Oracle Partner Network in June 2008. Thereafter Filix rapidly grew to become an Oracle Certified Partner in Feburary 2009. By the end of October 2009, Filix also became the only Oracle Business Accelerate partner in North India.

Filix has executed more than 200 IT consulting projects in a span of 8 years.

Today Filix holds the trust of many customers in India, a place where challenge defines the rules of business everyday.




Customer Working with Filix experienced clear ROI on their investment on ERP applications.
Few performance indicators customers could see are:
  • Slashed inventory holding costs by 47% using Oracle Inventory Management to enable enterprise-wide visibility of inventory operations, reduce inventory level by up to 40%, cut warehouse requirement by 50%, and support business growth

  • Increased inventory accuracy to 99.5% by enabling regular inventory review process to further verify stock discrepancies

  • Halved reporting time, such as inventory aging analysis, by standardizing reporting process across three plants with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3, increasing user satisfaction and management confidence

  • Cut aging stock level by 26% in three months and increased cash flow management by effectively managing stock replenishment level and purchasing only the materials required to fulfill a customer order

  • Saved 50 man-days per month by creating location-specific sub-inventory and implementing lot control to minimize manual stock verification

  • Reduced freight costs by up to 16% annually using Oracle Discrete Manufacturing and Oracle Purchasing to automate supplier schedules

  • Improved lead time accuracy and ensured timely delivery of customer orders

  • Boosted BOM control and reduced costs by accurately calculating the ratio of steel scrap to finished product, and increasing BOM accuracy to 95%

  • Accelerated monthly and quarterly account closures, and halved the time to create invoices—from four minutes to two minutes—by standardizing financial processes

  • Streamlined manufacturing operations by expediting supplier payments to ensure timely receipt of materials

  • Minimized unauthorized purchases by defining approved-supplier lists and hierarchy-based approval in Oracle Purchasing

  • Automated preventative equipment-maintenance schedules to quickly identify faults, replace parts efficiently, and minimize disruption to manufacturing operations

Speak to us today to share more on how the above were achieved and actual customer speak on these achievements.



Few performance indicators customers could see are:
  • Check the number of years of “Consulting Experience”. This is not the same as “Manpower Experience” or doing miscellaneous projects

  • Every partner is required by the OEM to “Specialize” in most of the products they can sell or work upon. Check the Competency level of the partner at the OEM partner login. Ask the partner to show the same to you or ask OEM to validate if the partner is Specialized in the products they are required to work upon

  • Check the actual Purchase Orders of customers and Deliverable Sign-off’s. This will validate the actual nature of engagement of the partner. Only Customer Reference call should not be used as a method of work checking. Work should speak for itself

  • Check the top 5 business purchase orders the partner has ever executed. This will show the faith customers have shown on the partner

  • If speaking to a Customer Reference, take reference call of the Promoter Group or at least two C-Level acknowledgements

  • Check whether the OEM LOB In-charge is willing to stand by the work of the partner in the market

  • Ask the partner to showcase sample Business Blueprint documents and User / Operating Manuals. This will showcase the quality of the work done by the partner

  • Have a lock-in within the contract of the consultants being positioned during the sales cycle. This will ensure the validated consultants are the ones who work full time during project execution also

  • Make sure the consultants positioned during the sales / pre-sales cycles are on the payroll of the partner on the day of representation and not temporary contractual services taken by partner. This can affect the overall quality of delivery at the execution stage

  • Check if any legal cases were filled by employees or customers on the partner in the past due to non-performance or employee unrest. This can be validated from the accounts showcased as experience and from interviews of ex-employees of the company

  • Make sure all statutory compliance by the partner are being complied with. For example, In India PF and ESI compliance are responsibility of entity who takes the services of the partner

  • Check the credit worthiness of the partners with the distributors and vendors working with the partner. This will show the level of financial trust OEM’s places on the partner

  • Compare the Authorized and Paid-Up Capital levels of the partner. Partner ownership commitment can be seen in their business from the same

  • In case International Addresses are shown as offices abroad, check the actual nature of the addresses. Legal services abroad provide address services overseas without actual business being transacted

Speak to us today to know more in detail on how the above are critical for the success of your project.

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